22 Jump Street

Last night I went to see 22 Jump Street with Nick. This movie has the gorgeous Channing Tatum and hilarious Jonah Hill starring in it. I was expecting to like the movie a bit but I found it to be almost as good as the first one. (And I never feel that way about sequels!)

There were a bunch of clever & hilarious puns right at the beginning of the movie where Tatum referenced a movie he did in 2013- White House Down. There was also a very clever line by Jonah Hill referring to their bosses office looking like "a cube of ice". (The boss is played by ice cube.)

The movie hints and jokes that the storyline will be similar to the first movie but it did have some twists that really made it different too!

Hill and Tatum often referred to their working partnership as if it were a relationship which certainly got some chuckles from the audience. However, in the movie Tatum takes a Human Sexuality course and discovers he has been using homophobic language and he takes a stand against that throughout the movie.

All in all I'd say it is worth seeing if you liked the first one and if you enjoy a good laugh.

And if you like looking at Channing Tatum. I mean come on. The man is gorgeous.

When Nick and I got home we were flipping through the TV and saw that 21 Jump Street was on and we watched it for a few minutes and I was shocked at the changes the actors have made in appearance from the first to the second. Tatum looks like he spends every waking hour at the gym, and Hill has gained some weight back. (Not that that matters I was just surprised to see they both changed so much!)

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  1. OMG I want to see this so bad! I loved the first one. I cannot wait to see it. I heard it is better than the first. :)