First Day of Nannying!

Well- I survived my first day of nannying!!!! It was a really great & busy day! I nanny two girls ages (almost) 7 & 11. They are really sweet, funny, and full of energy! It is unlike anything that I have ever seen!

The day started out with breakfast and a tour of the house. The girls showed me their new chicken coop and their 6 cute baby chicks! They then told me that one of them was mine to name! (Later they asked me to share her with the tutor that comes and of course I was fine with that!) We named our little chick Butter Crunch!

After the tour the tutor came. The tutor happens to be a good friend of mine so it is great to be working with her!! While she tutored one girl, the other one needed some entertainment so we went in the pool, played some games and sat around and talked quite a bit. Afterwards all 4 of us went for a walk!

After the walk the girls and I went into the pool again for quite a while and played a ton of games. It was a ton of fun! I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family to be working with!

After nannying today Nick came over and we went up to Nashua for some mini golf. After I crushed him (42-54: I was under par by the way!) we decided to go to the batting cages and the driving range. It was a really great night for me because we haven't had a date like that in quite some time.  So it was special!

Also- on the way home we were behind a fellow jeep wrangler... Except this one had two boys in the front and a blow up lady doll in the back. Obviously she was wearing her seatbelt or she would fly away... It sure was a sight!

I have a few awesome things to be reviewing soon and I can't wait to share them with you! I will be getting to that tomorrow afternoon/night hopefully! 

Goodnight lovelies! :) 

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