First Week of Nannying Done- First Week of Online Class Begins!

Hello everyone!

 My first week of nannying full time is complete! We certainly had a lot of fun but we did have quite a few bumps along the way as well. One of the little girls is a bit challenging. She has trouble controlling her emotions. It was also hard to keep her listening to me throughout the week so I am going to start a behavior chart and use positive reinforcement! Hopefully working towards a goal with positive energy will help her follow directions a little bit more. In regards to her emotions- I don't know how to handle it. Any moms with some suggestions? Right now the family puts her in her bedroom until she calms down enough to talk about what is going on but since this is so new to me I find it awkward to shove her in her room. I find that when she gets upset like this she doesn't know why she is mad, she physically cannot calm down, and that she doesn't want to be doing that she just can't help it. Are any of you mommies going through something similar with your kiddos?

The girls and I did some crafts the other day for the 4th of July! We made wreaths with red white & blue tissue paper (glued to paper plates!) and we finger painted flags!

 I am starting an online course about Social Problems and from the sound of it- it is going to be extremely time consuming. Ugh! However, I do find the subject matter to be interesting so that is a good thing!!

This weekend is extremely busy with many cookouts/parties! Hopefully I will be able to post some reviews for you guys too since I have gotten tons of stuff in the mail to try out!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful & sunny weekend!

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