Kid's Academy

Hey everyone!

I was given the opportunity to review the Kid's Academy app!

Most of the people reviewing this app are parents but as an educator I thought that I could review this app with a different mindset!

I really believe that this app is perfect for the age group it was designed for: preschool - kindergarten. I would even suggest that once your child is half way through kindergarten the app may become review- which is 100% okay! Reviewing is how we really learn as opposed to memorization.

This app has great visuals and will definitely attract your child but the learning is just as great. Your child will be working with numbers, letters, songs, and a little bit of phonics too!

In an age where children are learning to use iPads and computers before they can even walk it is important that we surround them with apps and websites that will enhance their development and learning. This company achieves this. They make learning fun- and at this age it should be fun!

I would say that this app is great to use during the summer after kindergarten as well. There is a bit of regression in the summer because oftentimes students don't review anything that they learned. That is why the beginning of the next grade is mostly review of the previous one. If your child uses this fun app during the summer it can help limit that regression!

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