Summertime :)

Summer weather is finally here!

I have been enjoying the weekend with Nick and my family. Friday night I went to Margaritas and got some dinner with Nick's work friends. Yesterday we went out to Malden (near Boston!) for a cookout. It was a great day!

After the party we drove in my super cute jeep listening to summer hits of the 90s (pandora station) singing and laughing the whole way home. It was probably one of the greatest days I've had in quite some time! 

Summer just puts me in a wonderful mood- as it should. :)

Tomorrow is my first day nannying and I am super nervous but super excited too! The girls are super sweet and a lot of fun so it should be an awesome summer job. I can't wait to post about our adventures and fun activities we will be doing during the summer.

Hope everyone enjoys their beautiful Sunday! 

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! I am sure you will do fine and have lots of fun! :)