Goldentote Review

Hello everyone!

I have heard so much about this subscription Golden Tote that I simply just had to give it a shot- and I was not disappointed.

I logged onto their website and saw that I had two options: the first was to spend $49 and receive 2-3 options of up to a $250 value or spend $149 and get 5-7 items worth up to a $600 value. Being a broke college kid I opted for the first option. 

After I chose that I got to complete a style quiz. I picked out items that I liked and would wear. 

Then I got to choose one item that I definitely wanted in my bag. I chose this skirt (took the picture from their site): 
Then I ordered my skirt and waited for my golden tote. The coolest thing is that the company has stylists that choose 1 to 2 more items to surprise you with in your bag! If you don't like an item you have to return the whole bag, but there are many groups on facebook that allow you to trade your item with fellow Golden Tote shoppers!
I absolutely loved my surprise item. I got a beautiful dress. It is orange- a color that I very rarely wear, but it I think it is super flattering and sophisticated. It will be a great dress to wear when I am student teaching in the fall! 

The tote that the items came in was super cute and I actually used it at the beach over the weekend! 

All in all I really loved this bag and I would definitely do it again if I could afford it! I think every once in a while I will treat myself to a Golden Tote bag! 

If you are interested in trying it click here!

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  1. That is awesome! I might try this! :)

  2. That dress is really cute! What an awesome service

  3. This is the first I'm hearing about this service, and I am definitely going to check it out! So cute. :)

  4. Never heard of this, but it sounds neat. I love that dress on you. I never liked orange much either my entire life, now I am obsessed with coral shades, and peachy oranges! Such a summery shade and so cheerful!