Happy Belated 4th Everyone!

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I am so sorry for not posting recently. I am currently trying to juggle nannying, an online class, pilates, a social life, and this blog! So I am prioritizing things a little bit. However I have some free time today so expect a lot of reviews! :)

My Fourth of July weekend was very low key. I went to a little party with Nick's family on Friday and then hung out at his place for the rest of the night. At 9PM I decided I wanted Mac n Cheese so Nick went out and bought all of the ingredients and he made me homemade Mac n Cheese with bacon and broccoli! It was delicious!!! If you haven't tried either of those things in your Mac N Cheese you are majorly missing out. Give it a try!

Then Saturday I helped Nick and his Dad dry wall their basement. I used a utility knife, a saw, and a drill! I felt like a real construction worker. Then we went to the drive in movies and watched How to Train Your Dragon 2. (Oh! I should do a review about that movie. I've seen it twice!) Yesterday I was out by my pool then Nick cooked me dinner again! He made haddock, stuffed clams, asparagus, and rice! It was delicious. Then my check engine light went on and we had to bring my beautiful Jeep to the dealership. :( I miss my car already!

Although it was a laid back 4th, with little to no fireworks, it was still nice because I spent a lot of time being spoiled by Nick and relaxing by my pool with my parents. I avoided my homework all weekend so that was nice too!

What did you do for the 4th of July?

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