Meet Nala!

Hello everyone! Meet my new baby girl Nala!

In December my family had to put down our beautiful dog Tidbit. She was only 8 but had a horrible reaction to a medicine that our vet had prescribed. We have had some time to grieve and on Friday my mother decided we were ready for a new dog.

My sister and I had been asking for a while and our parents basically said never. But my mom had been moved after watching a story about a shelter in Boston that mistreated their animals and asked my dad (for probably the 20th time) if we could get a dog. She told him that if we rescued one from a shelter it would give a spot for another dog to go.

He said "I'm not saying no, but I'm not saying yes either." So of course my mom took it as a yes and went to the shelter that very day with my sister. I was nannying so I didn't get to go, but they sent me pictures and kept me involved every step of the way.

Nala had been a stray dog when they found her. They kept her at the pound hoping her family would come claim her but after the required amount of time no one came for her. So she went to a shelter in Nashua NH on Thursday. They checked to see if she had been spayed (so currently she has stitches), and then the very next day we fell in love with her.

She is 2 years old- even though she has a lot of gray hair and a mellow personality. She gets along well, so far, with our ferret Princess. She hasn't been very active though. She mostly just sits around the house. She also has not eaten very much. She barely eats her dog food but will occasionally eat a treat or a piece of table scrap. (Although we don't want her to eat people food we are going to be easy these first few days!)We think that she is uncomfortable with her stitches and suspect when she is all healed she will be a bit different.

Unfortunately, we don't know Nala's past. We believe she may not have been treated well because she tries to stay out of our way and hides when she thinks she has done something wrong. She is also very skittish. However she loves to be outside, go for rides, and go for walks! I am very much in love with her already and can't wait to get to know her better!

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  1. Congrats on your newest addition! I love dogs and cannot wait to take my new puppy home!