Healthy Lifestyle Tips Part 2

Hey everyone! 

I hope you are all doing well today! Earlier in the week I posted five healthy lifestyle tips that I have found helpful over the past few years! So today I figured it was time to finish up my top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for those of you who are trying to change! 

So here are my next 5 tips:

6. Find a support system. 

I find that if I tell myself that I am going to the gym by myself at 5:00 on Wednesday that I will most likely cancel on myself. I will find "more important" things to do like homework or sleep. However, when I know someone is counting on me to go I am much less likely to cancel. My mom is my pilates buddy. We go on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. When I am dragging I don't (most of the time) say anything because I know she really wants to go. She does the same thing for me! Sometimes on our way there one of us will say "I really thought you were going to cancel" and the other responds "Well I didn't want to let you down." It is a really great way to stay motivated. This works for eating healthy too. If you eat your meals with your parents, or a boyfriend, or out with friends sometimes it is frustrating to get a healthy salad while they chomp down a cheeseburger and fries. Having one or two people who are doing it with you makes it so much easier! Weight Watchers is also a great way to get a support system with weekly meetings!

7. Keep a Food Journal 

Personally I eat a lot better when I am tracking what I am eating. You can do this in a paper journal, or on your phone! There are quite a few apps out there that help track your food and calories. (Fitness apps are a topic I will discuss in more detail later on!) I think it also helps if you share this food journal with someone at the end of the week (maybe your support system)! I had a personal trainer once who looked at my food journal and I found myself thinking "Would Lynn be happy if I ate this huge ice cream from Kimball Farms today?" It is a great way to keep track for yourself, but also to keep you motivated as well!

8. Don't focus on the scale.

One thing that I think almost everyone does when they change to a healthier lifestyle is they look at the scale every day when they wake up. In my opinion this is a huge no-no! It takes a long time for your body to change. It is normal for your weight to fluctuate up and down, and if you don't see an immediate change or if the scale says you are up a pound from yesterday you will most likely become discouraged! We don't want that! Changing your lifestyle isn't just about weight. It is about providing your body with better nutrients, better food, more energy so that we will be healthier in every way. I suggest weighing in once a week, but also measuring your waist, arms, thighs, chest etc. Oftentimes the number on the scale doesn't change but you have lost inches. That is important to take notice of as well!

9. Set goals.

When I tried to lose weight as a kid I chose my Ultimate End Goal. This was the weight I eventually wanted to get to. However, this was really discouraging because when I didn't get to that point after a few months I thought I was making no progress at all. So I suggest making Short Term Goals. These goals can be "Lose 1 pound within the next two weeks" or "lose 2 inches in the next two weeks". You need to make sure your short-term goals are achievable but more importantly healthy. If your goal is to lose 5 pounds in 5 days then you most likely won't reach that goal and you certainly wouldn't be living a healthy lifestyle! Weight loss is gradual- so make your goals gradual as well! I find that that short term goals keep me motivated longer and I can feel excited when I meet them while I work towards that Long Term Goal! 

10. Don't give up.

Changing to a healthy lifestyle isn't going to be super easy. There will be highs and lows. You will gain weight on a vacation, you will hit a plateau period where you don't lose and you don't gain, you will feel discouraged at points. But this is all part of the journey. If you stick with it and keep going then you can certainly live a healthy life style. The people around you will support you, but you need to believe in yourself first! That is the most important thing. Find what works for you and do it! Take pictures of your progress, track your food, track your weight, whatever it takes to keep you encouraged and proud: do it! Living healthy isn't a short-term thing, it is a lifestyle. Just like any other part of life it will be a roller coaster. Ride it with your hands up in the air with a smile on your face because your body and your great-grandchildren will thank you later!

So there you have it! The last 5 of my top 10 healthy lifestyle tips. I hope they help you as much as discovering them has helped me! 

Leave a comment below about some of the good healthy lifestyle tips you have learned over the years! 

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  1. What great advice! You sure know your stuff when it comes to a healthy lifestyle!

  2. I don't like using just a scale either, if you gain muscle it's not a very good indicator

  3. Great advice, especially the food journal when I write down what I eat it always makes me think twice before I eat something I feel like my journal is going to judge me lol.