My 1st Rocks Box Review with a Special Surprise for Readers!

Good morning!

I hope you are all having an amazing Sunday morning! I was up until 3:30 AM so I am a bit on the sleepy side. But I just had to wake up to write about this amazing subscription box that I get to try in order to review for you guys! 

This subscription box is called Rocks Box! It is basically the netflix of jewelry. You sign up and fill out a style quiz. (It is super easy and super quick!) You just click pictures of jewelry that you would love to wear! Then a personal stylist will pick out 3 pieces of amazing jewelry to send you in a super cute box. 

Once you get your box you can open it up and wear the jewelry for however long you would like! Then you simply return the jewelry that you don't wish to buy. If you want to buy a piece it is simple- the company will just charge you for whatever you don't return. 

In the box along with your jewelry are two important things. Your return slip and a piece of paper that is kind of like an invoice! The invoice tells you how much your pieces are worth originally, and then how much they are worth as a Rocks Box member. In addition to that there is a note from your personal stylist explaining why she chose what she chose for your box! You can also rate your pieces on this sheet and send it back so that your stylist has a better understanding of what you would love in your next box!

Honestly, I love this subscription box. All 3 of my pieces were beautiful and I know that I am definitely buying at least one of them.

The first piece that I saw when I opened up my box was a gold Messa Crossover ring (made by Gorjana). In the past I haven't liked gold but within recent months I have started to love it with certain outfits and colors! However the majority of my rings are silver so it was very exciting to see that I will have a gold ring for at least a little while! According to my invoice it's retail price is $45, but as a member I could buy it for $36 if I wanted to! 

The second piece that I saw and immediately fell in love with was the Aztec Bangle in Black (by House of Harlow 1960). When I took it out of it's little black I think I might have gasped I loved it so much. Then when I read my note from my stylist Amanda she wrote that I had picked that in my style quiz! So cool! This has a retail of $48 and a member price of $38. I am most likely going to buy this one!

The third piece was an awesome statement necklace by Lauren Hope. It is called the Blythe Necklace in Lilac. I love the color and I really enjoy statement necklaces so I am pretty excited to wear this one out! I will probably wear it out on my next date night with Nick! This necklace has a retail value of $88 but I could get it for $70 if I chose to buy it!

As a college student it is hard to buy new accessories all the time. I always want new items to spice up my wardrobe but can't afford it. This subscription service is affordable and keeps your jewelry stash new and fresh! 

Also I forgot to mention that if a piece breaks while you wear it Rocks Box doesn't charge you! You simply send it back to them and they will take care of it! How awesome!

Now because you read my blog, and I love my readers, you can get a free month with Rocks Box by clicking here. I highly recommend that you do because it is a little like Christmas opening up that box, and who doesn't love a little Christmas every month?

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  1. Thank you for letting me know about RocksBox! So happy I signed up! :)

  2. These boxes look fun, but i'd probably end up buying everything they send.

  3. Oh man, I am definitely going to be checking them out! I smell a new addiction coming my way!