Nadine West Review

Good morning everyone!

I really love subscription boxes. Every month you get a surprise in your mail. You know what I love even more than subscription boxes?

Free subscription boxes!

Nadine West is a company that will send you an outfit in the mail each month for free. In order to get it you sign up on their website and take a style quiz. Then you simply wait for your package in the mail! The company pays for shipping- so it is entirely free! When your package comes in the mail you can try on the pieces in it and decide whether or not you'd like to buy them! The average price of each item is $25. 

If you want to buy it you simply keep it and mail back everything else. When the company gets the package back they will automatically charge your card for what you kept! 

Inside the package is also an invoice. This has images of what should be in your bag along with the price of each item. You return this invoice when you mail the package back with comments for your stylist! 

One thing I really love about this is that Nadine West uses recycled material for the packaging! It is so great because they must send out many packages each month and personally I love to see a company care about its impact on the environment.

My first Nadine West package came the other day. Inside it was a cute mint shirt with a peplum, a wicked cute necklace, and sweet earrings! All of my items were under $20! I really loved them all. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to spend on keeping any of them right now. But I will definitely continue to use this service and buy something in the future!

Nadine West really captured my style this month with these items. If I had the extra cash this month I definitely would have gotten at least the necklace!

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