Such a busy weekend!

Hello everyone!

I am sorry that  my posts have been on the slower side lately- I had a lot going on last week and over the weekend!

My bedroom was this horrible pink color. It was insanely bright and didn't match anything in my room. To make matters worse my room had been painted by my friend and me back in high school. We didn't use primer, we didn't use painters tape, and we pretty much made a huge mess of my room. I had been wanting to do it over for a while and was waiting on Nick to help me, but he has been so busy finishing his bedroom that I decided to do it on my own.

On Monday I cleaned out a bunch of stuff and Tuesday I started putting on the primer. I primed for a couple of days, it took a lot of white to cover up that ugly pink. My friend Kellie helped me out and Nick did buy me a can of primer. Then on Friday I started painting the color. I got two full walls done on Friday, and a little bit of the third as well. Then on Saturday my dad helped me finish the room and we had it fully painted by 2 PM! (He got all of the hard to get spots like corners and edges.) Then it was time to decorate. I bought new curtains and curtain rods as well as a new bedding set. 

I had been feeling a little stuck and was looking for a change. Fixing up my room did just that! I moved some of the furniture around, got rid of a bunch of junk that I don't need, and all in all re-did everything. Unfortunately I don't have a before picture but I do have on of how it looks now. (Keep in mind I hadn't hung up pictures yet when I took this- but now there are some wonderful pictures on the wall!)

After that was finished Nick took me out to a really nice dinner in Andover. We went to a nice little Italian restaurant (my favorite)! I had told him I wanted to get all dressed up so that I could wear my new dress and heels. He didn't disappoint! I love to get dressed up and we don't get to do it often. 

Then on Sunday we got to go to the Zac Brown Band concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion! I really love Zac Brown Band's music and had been wanting to see them for a few years so I was really excited. We went with a few friends of Nicks from work. The music was amazing the company was great so all in all it was an awesome night. I got home at 1:30 though so I am dragging a little bit today.

I have one week left of nannying and I am getting very nervous for student teaching but I am also really excited. I am hoping for a wonderful few months with some cute 3rd graders!

Next week I will be on vacation so I will not be posting as often as I wish I could! But I will try to keep in touch through my facebook page! 

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  1. I am so jealous you got to see Zac Brown Band!!

  2. I want to paint my bedroom too. It's an awful color. I love the color of the walls behind you in the pic of you.

  3. OOOO zac Brown Band!! I love their music.

  4. Zac Brown Band must have been amazing! A bunch of my friends went to it as well!

  5. Sounds like you had a busy but wonderful week.