ThinkFun Chocolate Fix Brain Fitness Review

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As a teacher I have to think about how to make every moment in my classroom a beneficial one. I have been in many classrooms during indoor recess and I see children pull out board games, dominos, toy cars, marbles, etc. Some toys require imagination, some require building knowledge, and some require trivia facts. What all of these games have in common though is educational value.

Whether a child is focusing on a specific skill or general knowledge all of these games make the child use their brain. When I found out about ThinkFun's new game Chocolate Fix I was ecstatic! I was even more excited when given the opportunity to try out the game and review it!

The game is for ages 8 and up, ideal for my elementary education degree! 

The first thing that I noticed about this game is simply how cute it is! Most children love chocolate and will enjoy the cute little pieces that the game has. 

This game is very similar to sudoku however a little more visual. There are three colors and three shapes within the game. There are three triangles (one beige, one brown, one pink) three squares (one beige, one brown, one pink) and three circles (bet you can guess the colors!) Also in the box is a set of directions and a set of solutions. The booklet gives the user clues of how to solve the puzzle but leaves some pieces out of the clues. (Much like how a sudoku puzzle leaves blank squares.)
This is a beginner clue.

The booklet has different leveled puzzles starting from beginner and working to advanced. This is perfect because it can accommodate for all children in a classroom! It also has room for children to grow! They can't get bored because there is always a new challenge! (There are 80 different challenges! Wow!)

If the user gets stuck he or she can turn to the solutions for help, or if they finish to check their answer. ThinkFun is so smart and did not put the solutions in order so that the person playing wont cheat while looking at solutions.

I played this for a little while in my bed and honestly I loved it. I am not great at puzzles so I really enjoyed the challenge of thinking through it and getting the right answer. If I loved it and I am 20 I can only imagine how much students would love it!

It would be really fun to make a worksheet for students to log which challenges they did and explain how they found answers as an extra credit project or even as an individual quiet time activity. This would also be a good choice for an indoor recess or free time! 

It would also be a good gift for parents to buy for the kids because it is fun but educational at the same time. Everyone likes a challenge sometimes! 

I also enjoy how it is an individual game. You are not trying to beat anyone or rush through it. This allows the user to sit and think about it very deeply- which is something that rarely happens with board games.

Here is some information from the company:

Chocolate Fix® Brain Fitness (Ages 8 to adult, single player, MSRP: $19.99)
Sudoku-Style Logic Game
ThinkFun® Brain Fitness games help keep your mind young and sharp – all through play. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, Chocolate Fix is an addictively fun way to test out your logical deduction skills.

I highly suggest parents & teachers check out this game as well as ThinkFun's many other amazing games!

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