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Hello everyone!

I recently got a discounted Callibox. Callibox is a monthly subscription box that supports small businesses. The items in these boxes are homemade and chosen by the Callibox team. Callibox purchases every item in their boxes- so when you purchase a Callibox you are supporting small businesses as well. I personally think it is super important to support small businesses, especially while our economy is so low. This subscription box has a ton of different subscription options. You can order a one-time box, a monthly subscription, a 3 month, a 12 month, etc. Check them all out by clicking here. They also can offer different themed boxes if you wanted to send it out as a gift! They have Alice in Wonderland, New Mom, Birthday, British, and Dance themes!

My box  had 7 items in it. All of which are super cute and adorable.

The first item that I noticed right away was the Music City Suds soaps. They smell absolutely awesome in my box. The minute I opened my box I could smell them. These soaps are all natural, vegetarian, and handcrafted from Nashville, Tennessee. You can check them out on facebook

The next thing I noticed was a set of earrings from PaperPistolCharms! The set includes 3 rose earrings grey, pink, and purple. When I dug into the box a little bit more I found a ring from the same etsy shop! The items are handmade and ship from California. (Earrings are a $12 value, the ring is a $4.99 value.)

I fell in love with a cute Coffee Cozy from Monpetitchatnoir that I found in the box. It is red and will definitely keep me from burning my hands on my coffee mug. This shop makes a lot of different things including dishware and crocheted goodies! ($5.00 value)

Purse & Pocket supplied a monthly quote magnet. The quote this month is "Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken." by Oscar Wilde. I really love this magnet and would keep it in my future classroom somewhere! ($4.00 value)

Handmade in Chico has a super cute purse holder. It is magnetic but can also work on nonmagnetic surfaces as well. I really like the image on it, a purple butterfly. I had one of these a long time ago when I was a young girl but I never used it. It is nice to have one now that I actually carry a bag. ($12.00 value)

KB Exquisites made an adorable makeup brush holder! They make a lot of other items such as blankets, bags, and burp bibs! I really love the pattern of the holder that I got. ($3.50 value)

I also got a super cute Glitter Makeup Brush that was created by the Callibox Team! It is really soft and definitely a good fit with the holder in the box as well! ($5.00 value)

Overall I enjoyed this box. The items were cute and supported small businesses that really need support! If you have some time you should click on the links and spread some love and likes! They deserve it!

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