Graze Review & Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

Graze is a company that sends a box once a week or once every other week. The box is full of healthy and yummy snacks! I have gotten 3 and am obsessed with them! The snacks come out of the box easily so they are great to pack for a snack for work or school. Each little package tells you what is inside and the box comes with nutrition information as well! 

When you sign up for Graze you get to rate a bunch of different snacks. You can say you'd like to try them, would not like to, or you liked it! I have been back to rate my previous boxes because that helps the company to choose the best snacks for the next box!

This was my third Graze box and I am obsessed. My mom is getting me a bi-weekly subscription because I can't really afford it. She actually signed up for it as well! 

The apple cinnamon flapjack granola bars were my favorite in this box! They were really delicious and filling too! I was surprised at how flavorful they really were. I could taste the apple in them. This snack is 240 calories, there is no cholesterol and no tans fats. I personally loved this snack because it kept me full for the day while student teaching!
The second snack in this box is the Salsa Corn Chips. I love salsa, and I love chips so this really was perfect for me! This snack was 60 calories. I paired it, like all the others, with my lunch at school. It was very flavorful and made my lunch a little more exciting that it usually is. 

The third snack in this box was jalapeno fiesta. I really don't like jalapenos. I am not a huge fan of spicy foods, but this wasn't super spicy! I was able to eat it without feeling like my tongue was falling off. This snack pack is 210 calories. 
The last snack was raspberry and coconut muffin. I personally loved this one. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors and I love the taste of raspberries too! This snack is 140 calories and is only 8 grams of fat! 

If you want to sign up for graze use my referral code: 2YVQX277B to get your first and 5th boxes free! Also enter my subscription box giveaway to get 3 free boxes of Graze! 

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