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Hey everyone!

Mission Cute is a subscription box that is definitely worth checking out. I think that they are one of my favorite boxes so far. Why you ask? Well let me tell you all about it.

Mission Cute partners with small businesses to bring subscriber cute items at an affordable cost. Right now many small businesses and artisans are ignored and slowly dying. However thanks to companies like Mission Cute some businesses are still surviving. It is so important to support these businesses not only to provide the owners with a way to live, but to help our economy! In addition to that Mission Cute works with non profit organizations as well. 50% of each month's profits go towards a non profit organization. Mission Cute raises awareness and money for a bunch of different causes! This company also goes and helps out at different places in their area. They try to make a difference not only by writing a check, but by being active as well.

All of those reasons make me love Mission Cute. I think that they are a company that is really bettering the world. I don't mind giving them my money because I know that it is supporting various things that are worthy of it. 

Now- if that wasn't reason enough to love them listen to this... The box has super cute things in it too! 

I got the September Box. This month 50% of the proceeds are being donated to Bright Blessings. The goal of this group is to bring joy, recognition, and support to children and families during difficult and sad times in their lives. They have two programs: Bless-A-Birthday, and Bless-A-Baby. Their goal is to raise confidence and boost spirits for homeless children. The programs incorporate education & enrichment, literacy support, as well as care and comfort supplies. This really is a great non profit organization. You can connect with them on Facebook.

Now for what I got! 

The first thing I noticed in my box was a super cute watch. This watch is from MissionCute and is polka dotted! I wear a lot of black and white so this watch will certainly be a great accessory for me! I usually wear a beautiful watch Nick got me for Valentine's Day but it will be fun to mix it up every once in a while. This watch is valued at $19.

The second item I noticed was a package of two pens. These pens are Positive Pens from Paper Trail. One says "Make it happen" and the other says "The future is bright". These pens will definitely help me think positively when I am filling out homework or assignments for school. Sometimes reading something as simple as that can put a smile on my face and get me feeling motivated! These pens are valued at $5.

On that same note- I also got a  Bearsley & Bumski Kraft Notebook. This notebook says "Good Vibes Only" on it. It is super tiny which is convenient for little notes or doodles in class. I think it is adorable. I am going to keep it in my purse in case I ever need to write something down! It values at $8.

The next thing I noticed was a picture that says "Do What You Love" on it. I can picture this being something I tell my future students. If you don't love what you are doing then you shouldn't be doing it. Life is much too short to waste it on something that doesn't leave you smiling. This print is from Sable & Snow. It values at $14.

The second to last thing I saw in my box was a set of stickers from Thatch and Thistle. These stickers are bright pink hearts and I really love them. They are fun and loud but can be used as a cute decoration on a card or poster. As a teacher stickers are definitely something I hold on to because they have many different uses! These are valued at $3. 

The last thing in my box was a super cute black and white drawstring bag from MissionCute. I don't have a specific use in mind for my bag yet but I am sure it will come in handy when I travel around! This bag is retailed at $12. 

Overall this box has a retail value of $61. Mission Cute has 3 different subscription options but none cost more than $39 per month. I think this is a really good deal- especially when you consider that half of the money is going to a non profit organization! 

Everyone should check out Mission Cute- but also I have a giveaway going on! If you win you could win a Mission Cute box along with a few other boxes. Or a 3-box subscription for a different box. Check out the giveaway post here!

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  1. I checked out their site and I love their items offered. It is definitely worth checking out. They would make great gifts.

  2. Wow! Awesome review and going to check it out!

  3. This really looks like a great sub box! Love it! Great Review :)

  4. Cute box! Love the stickers :)