My 21st Birthday!

Hey everyone!

September 7th was my 21st birthday! On that weekend I got lunch with my family at an awesome restaurant called Bahama Breeze. They have island food and drinks! My mom got me a beautiful Michael Kors bag and the new Kindle. Sadly my birthday was on a Sunday- not a great night to celebrate a 21st birthday. So my boyfriend made plans for the following weekend (this past one) and it was amazing!

Friday night we went out to TGI Fridays in Boston with some of my really good friends. After dinner a group of us went to a bar called Howl At The Moon. It was awesome. The bar had a band that played a bunch of great songs. They took requests and played songs from all different decades- it was pretty sweet. The drinks were good too. They had jello shots out of syringes- how funny is that? Nick requested a song and had the band wish me a happy 21st! My friends tried to get me to dance on stage but I am much to shy for that type of thing! Later on in the night we went downstairs to the club portion of Howl. We stayed there for a little while to get our dance on and then left the bar around 1:30. We took the T back to our car and got home at around 3:30 AM. 

I woke up the next day at 7:30 because I was too excited to sleep. I knew that an awesome day with my best friend Calyn was awaiting me. I took a shower and waited until 9:45 then I went downstairs and woke Nick up. We got ready and waited for Calyn and Nick's friend Cory. Calyn got to my place first and gave me some birthday girl gear (birthday pin and tiara were included.) Then Cory came and we were off!

We started our day at the aquarium. I got to pet some sting rays, see the super cute seals and sea lions, look at the jelly fish, and stare at all of the penguins. The aquarium is one of my favorite things to do and it was my first time there since they re-did it! I was super pumped. 

After the aquarium we went to the Frosty Ice Bar in Boston. For those of you who don't know it is a bar made entirely of ice. The seats are ice, the decorations are ice, the cups are ice... Pretty much everything other than the floor was ice! They give you these super funny eskimo-like coats to wear as well as some little gloves. All of the drinks were named after different Boston things. (I.e the Big Dig.) I have to admit I was a little weary about going into such a cold place but it really was a lot of fun.

After the aquarium we got lunch and walked around until 4 when we could get on the Codzilla ride in the harbor! Codzilla is a boat ride where you go super fast and do spins out in the ocean. It is a ton of fun and the people who work on the boat are hilarious. I got super drenched on it- which made it a pretty cold activity but it was so fun that I didn't care! They all sang happy birthday to me on the boat as well!

After the aquarium the four of us headed to my favorite restaurant in the North End. (I don't remember the name, I know it as "Our place".) This is where Nick and I go when we celebrate big things! The first two times we went we had the same waiter. I was sad to not have him this time but it still was a wonderful meal with even more wonderful friends.

Nick got me an edible arrangement and teddy bear as well. :)

Over all it was a perfect birthday! I am truly blessed. :) 

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