My First Few Days Student Teaching!

Hello everyone!

Starting on Tuesday I have been in the third grade classroom that I was assigned for my student teaching. Today is only day three but I am already obsessed with it. The kids are great. They are excited to learn, excited to get to know me, and they are simply adorable. We are still trying to get in a groove but so far it has been great!

On my first day I observed a lot. I did get to read part of their book aloud though and that was a lot of fun. The second day I walked around and assisted more. I also got to correct a "quiz" that was about me with them. That was a lot of fun- they got upset when they were wrong or shocked when they really thought something else about me. It was so fun to see what I had in common with them and what they thought was interesting about me. I said I liked country music and one little boy went "Ugh so does my mom she is a part of the phase." It was hilarious.

There are a few kids on IEPs (individualized education plan) but I am really excited about that because I need more experience with kids who have special needs. I think it is really going to better my teaching by working with these children.

Today I get to write the morning message and run morning meeting. I am super excited because I have never gotten to write the morning message before. I hope I do it okay! :) 

I haven't been able to stay for a full day yet because I have had meetings at my University- but Friday is my first full day and I am so excited.

It is amazing how much I love third graders. I had been in a third grade class once before so I had a feeling- but now I know for sure. Third grade is my favorite. I did not have feelings like this when I worked in the fifth grade- I almost disliked going to that classroom. Fourth grade was good and so was second, but there is something about the third grade that makes me the happiest. I don't know what it is and if I find out I'll be sure to let you know!

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