SocialBliss Style Box Review

Hey everyone!

While I was away at Hampton Beach I got my very first SocialBliss Style Box! I have to say that I am honestly super hooked on this box! Once I get a steady income I know that this will be a splurge buy for me every month. My mom had run home one day on our vacation and I made her bring it to Hampton because I was too excited to wait- and my god was I happy I did. Check out the awesome stuff that I got!

The first item I saw in my box was a Turquoise Necklace by Influence. This cute necklace is a turquoise acorn! It is super dainty and feminine. Turquoise is one of my favorite summer colors so I was really excited about it! The great thing about this necklace is that it can be layered or it can be worn alone. It is beautiful enough to be a standalone necklace complimented with earrings, or it could be layered with other gold necklaces because it is on the smaller side and wouldn't be overbearing amonsgt other jewelry. SocialBliss says that the suggested retail is $18.

The second item was another beautiful gold piece of jewelry- a double bar cuff bracelet! Like the necklace this bracelet can be layered with smaller bangles or worn on its own! I prefer to wear it on its own because I think it is very beautiful and interesting alone. The little detailing along the edge is super cute- I just love it! (Suggested retail $12).

I then noticed a small little tube that says Bare Escentuals on it. It is actually a retractable lip brush! The little bristles are made so that the color fills every line and crease on your lips! It is super small and very easy to use. It is also pretty easy to clean- just use make up remover after every use. You can use this brush to line your lips or to even line your eyes! It is a very versatile tool! (Suggested retail $7)

The fourth thing in the SocialBliss Style Box was a Metallic Hex Tattoo by the PI collection. This is a temporary tattoo that is designed to look like chain jewelry! It can be used as a ring, bracelet, or anklet! I think that this is a super cute idea and I can't wait to give it a try. I will most likely use it as a bracelet or a ring! I will be sure to post a picture once I have given it a shot! (Suggested retail $4)

The fifth thing in the box was The Wiser Visor. This is a super cute visor that provides you shade from the sun! It was so perfect because I was at the beach on my vacation and my face was totally fried already. My aunt had a beautiful hat and I was considering buying one! I am so glad I held off because I am in love with this one! It also rolls up- so it is super easy to store and carry around in your beach bag. My mom borrowed it one day too! It is simply too cute! (Suggested retail $18)

The sixth, and probably the best, thing in the box that I found was a tote bag. This tote is purple, huge, and adorable. It is the perfect bag to bring to the beach because it has so much room! What I love about it though is that it isn't one of those obvious beach bags. It doesn't have an umbrella or sandals on it- it is stylish! The tote came with a dust bag to keep it protected- but not in the way you'd imagine. You can use the dust bag to keep your products protected from the sand while at the beach! With my old bag sand got into it and got all over my Kindle, lip gloss, and phone. Now I can keep my essentials sand-free! I adore this bag! (Suggested retail $48)

All in all I am obsessed with the SocialBliss Style Box. A box is $39.95 and I got over $100 worth of things that I will use very often! Out of all of the subscription boxes I have tried thus far this is one of the best values I have ever gotten. I highly suggest trying them out- even just as a splurge for yourself for one month. Everyone deserves a little self-spoiling! 

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  1. OMG it looks awesome! I want one!

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