Too Faced Makeup

I have a makeup obsession. 

I'm not joking. Take a look at my collection! The sad part is that this picture doesn't even show all of it! I have various lip sticks and glosses in different purses. I have a drawer of makeup that I use only on rare occasions, and a lot of my make up is buried in this picture so you can't see it!

My obsession with make up doesn't come from an insecure place. A lot of girls like make up because it hides their flaws. I like make up because it can show off the features that I like best! I love to play up my eyes the most because I think that is my best feature.

I also like make up because it provides an opportunity to change your look from day to day without doing anything permanent or damaging! 

Over the years I have tried a lot of different make up brands. I use some of my mom's make up, I buy my own, my sister makes recommendations, and I get ideas from magazines.  Out of the many different brands that I have tried I have to say that Too Faced Cosmetics is one of my all time favorites. 

Their line is not only flirty, sexy, and fun it is long-lasting, high quality make up! I have been using Too Faced eye shadow for a few years now. I do stray from it every now and then because I don't have all of the colors that I'd like, but on average Too Faced is my go-to eye shadow company. I currently have been using their Chocolate Bar palette and love it!

I recently got the opportunity to try three of their products: the Cat Eyes Ferociously Feminine Eye Shadow & Liner Collection Palette, the Better Than Sex Mascara, and the Melted Lipstick. Honestly, I love all three. Here is why!

Like I mentioned earlier I love to play up my eyes! Eye shadow can be so fun and can really make a huge difference in your day-to-day look. During the day time I tend to stay with natural colors but I like to go a little bolder for the evenings! Let me preface this review by saying I am no makeup artist. I don't go to school for this stuff, I just play around on my own. One of the reasons I love Too Faced is because with their palettes the provide a look book. This little booklet explains how to use the eye shadow to get a desired look. This palette has a day look, a classic look, and a fashion look! 

When I opened the Cat Eyes palette I was so excited to see the beautiful colors. I was immediately drawn to the Pussy Cat, Kitty Glitter, and Kitten colors. I was so excited to have new colorful additions to my eye shadow collection. Then I opened the little booklet and read through the different looks. I have been using the palette for a few days now and can honestly say that the shadow lasts all day. I put it on in the morning and it lasts me until I take it off at night! (I don't use primer by the way.) In addition to that I felt that achieving the looks was simple enough that I could get them! I think that the colors are fun and can really make a huge difference in my whole entire beauty look! ($36 value.)

The second product that I got to review is the Better Than Sex Mascara. I have used this mascara before and loved it! The mascara doesn't flake at all, which is a huge priority of mine. I hate when mascara leaves little black dots all over my face- that isn't a good look. This mascara really lengthens and thickens eyelashes. It makes my eyes look wider and more awake! I also find that this mascara lasts all day and into the night. I swipe it on my lashes 2-3 times when I use it, just to make sure each lash gets coated. My eyes can be sensitive to mascara. I have had a few problems with brands that leave my eyes extremely itchy and watery. I did not have that problem with Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara! ($23 value.)

The third product I received that I was really eager to try is the Melted Lipstick in the Melted Marshmallow color. This is a long-lasting liquid lipstick! I am new to the lipstick world. I used to only use gloss but I have been a little more daring lately and extremely excited about it. I personally always apply a clear gloss over any lipstick I use. I think it adds a little extra shine to the lipstick and makes your lips look healthy! I really love the color of the lipstick. It is a really light pink and is a perfectly subtle color. Fall is coming, so darker lips are in right now, but personally I don't think I can pull off a dark lipstick. I prefer to stay with lighter tones- so this one is perfect for me! I wore this lipstick all weekend and I found that it really did last a long time. It didn't come off on my Starbucks cup in the morning like other lipsticks do and it didn't dry out my lips either! Those are two really big positives in my book! Overall I really loved this lipstick! ($21 value!)

Too Faced has given me these 3 products to review, but also another set of them to give away! I will be posting a huge beauty giveaway package giveaway worth over $120 starting on October 16th! Make sure you follow my blog on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter for more information! 

In the meantime check out Too Faced Cosmetics!Connect with them on facebook, twitter, Instagram and on Pinterest!

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  1. I think that stuff is very pretty I should wear makeup more often but never know what to get

  2. Oh Gosh...Love the Cat Eyes palette! I don't have many Too Faced products, other than samples, but I have always loved everything I have tried. I think I need to go shopping now..HE HE HE