Salon Edge UV Lamp Nail Polish Dryer

Being a broke college student I can't afford to go out and get my nails done all the time. But I do like having my nails polished, filed, and shaped. It looks professional, clean, and lets face it- its fun! My mom and I always try out new polishes, designs, and products. It is something we bond over and really enjoy doing.

Naturally, I was excited to get the chance to review the Salon Edge UV Lamp. This dryer is not only for regular polish but for gel polish as well! Gel polish lasts a lot longer than regular and is pretty expensive at the salon. My mom has gel polish already because she had bought a UV lamp before. (Which we no longer use for various reasons.) 

I was excited to see how big the nail dryer is! It is triple the size of the one we used to have! At first I was taken aback but I quickly realized that I love the size because it reduced the risk of bumping my nails against the side of the dryer. There are four UV bulbs to put in the lamp. I struggled a lot getting the lights in. They would click and then when I plugged it in they wouldn't light. It took me a good fifteen minutes, and a lot of muscle, to get them in the correct way. Another thing I noticed right away was that there were no instructions. If a salon were ordering this they probably wouldn't need instructions, but for a regular person like me I could really benefit from so help! Luckily my mom had experience with this type of product so we were able to figure it out quickly.

When I used the dryer I liked the different timer options. I used the longest time (180 seconds) to be on the safe side. ( I have horrible luck when it comes to thinking my nails are dry and quickly discovering they aren't.)  I found that after the 180 seconds my nails were dry and ready to go! (I had been using the gel polish!) 

Overall this product was pretty good! I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to paint their nails because it really does save time and money! (Just make sure they already know how to use gel polish- there are no instructions!)

Check it out here!

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