Big Slice Apples Review

I love fruit and apples have always been a huge favorite of mine. I love them plain, I love them in pies, I love them in peanut butter, and I love them just chopped up for fun! Apples are one of those fruits that I just don't ever get sick of. But I never pack one for lunch. I hate chomping on an apple around co-workers, and if I have a meeting during lunch the last thing I need to be eating is a huge noisy apple. I know, I know, I could cut them up and put them in a bag or a container. But they don't taste as fresh and truly I just don't make the time to do that.

That is why Big Slice Apples is such a wonderful idea! This company packages chopped apples in a variety of flavors! They take apples and put them in easy to-go packages that are perfect for lunches and after-work (or school) snacks! These apples stay fresh and good for a really long time. I believe my expiration date is March 2015! 

I got to try 8 different kinds of the apples. My favorite had to be the original kind because I love the taste of apples in general. However I was excited to try the other flavors like apple banana mango & hemp seed, apricot, and cherry vanilla!

I ate these apples right out of the pouch using my fork. It was so convenient and not messy at all. I found that the apples had the perfect texture- crispy enough but not hard as a rock, soft but not soggy. The flavors were delicious! A lot of the packages tasted like they were meant to be a pie filling!

I know I don't have to tell my readers that apples are healthy. That is common knowledge. We have all heard "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" but this product takes that to a whole new level. Big Slice Apples adds fun flavors to your apples while keeping them healthy for you! Take the Pineapple Passion Fruit flavor for example- the pouch has 110 calories, 5 grams of fiber, is naturally fat free, and naturally gluten free!  

The packaging is cute and fun and makes the nutrition information very clear and legible! I love that they are so in-your-face about the ingredients because that means they don't have anything to hide. 

The packages have different themes: pure, fit, and luxe. Some examples of the pure theme are: orange ginger, natural, lemon berry, and apricot. The pure apples are made to be pure fruit and spices! The fit theme is designed to help energize, give power, give beauty, and give balance! Some of the flavors are peach green tea and aloe, pineapple passion fruit and fiber, and banana mango and hemp seed. The third and final theme of the apple pouches is the luxe theme. The luxe theme includes the same healthy apples but with a more decadent taste! The flavors include peach bellini, cinnamon candy, and caramel.

Overall I think Big Slice Apples is a great idea. It is great for kids' lunches, and adults'! There is a flavor for everyone and they are extremely easy to bring with you and easy to eat. You can buy them at select Target stores, but first check out their website!

I received this product through Tomoson in exchange for an honest review. However all opinions in this post are my own.

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