Envirographic 100 Recycled Copy Paper Review

During my student teaching one thing that I learned for certain is that teachers make a ton of copies. We need about 20 copies of every single thing we do. We make morning worksheets, homework, review packets, fun extension packets, and extras for students who lose things or want to start over. Teachers kill a lot of trees.

I try to double side as much as I can, and only make copies when necessary but even then it is still a lot of paper. I was really excited to hear about the Echo Paper Store. They sell paper that has been recycled! The environment is really important to me. I want to help contribute to bettering it as often as I can. I recycle at home and at school. Using this recycled paper can help me be even more eco-friendly.

I got the pink paper and I truly believe the quality is the same as other paper. I didn't notice a difference when I printed on it, and I had a great feeling because I knew I wasn't being wasteful! I just used my regular at-home printer, but the paper can be used in office printers, copiers, and fax machines! 

The company offers a ton of different types of paper. You can order hole-punched paper, white paper, colored paper, regular 8.5 X 11 paper, legal sized paper, etc. There are a ton of different options!  

The only thing I dislike about the company is that you have to order 20 pounds of paper at a time. This costs about $80! This is good for a company who needs a lot of paper, but not great for the at-home consumer. I would love to see them offer less paper for a more affordable price! 

Here is some information from the company:

Choose paper that provides environmental savings for all your printing projects. Environmentally friendly, Envirographic™ 100 paper in white and attention-getting colored paper gives your documents the eco-friendly edge. This paper is compatable with all printers and office equipment. Great for handouts, office copies, printed documents, fax machines, letters and business literature.  
At Echo Paper Store, we provide environmentally-friendly, 100% post consumer recycled copy paper. As an exclusive online retailer of Envirographic 100, we are focused on providing office papers that are gentle on the environment and utilize resources to preserve our world.
Our papers are versatile and can be used in copiers, fax machines, laser and ink jet printers, hole-punch applications, homes, schools, businesses and government agencies. With all our products, we deliver recycled paper that is made from 100% post consumer recycled materials which, in return, reduces the impact on the environment for generations to come. 

Any items reviewed in this post were sent to me free in exchange for a review through Tomoson. However all opinions are mine, and I only recommend products to my readers if I truly like them. 

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