Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System

Having clear skin is really important to me. And to be honest with you- my skin is typically really great! I don't break out often and when I do it is usually in one spot. The trick for me though is finding a good product that wont make my skin oily or dry. I feel like many products cross over either one of those lines and my skin is very balanced so too much of anything makes my break out worse!

I typically break out around my certain time of month. I know it is coming and I do all I can to prevent it but it still happens- totally normal. But I was very excited to find out about the Mary Kay Clear Proof line! I got to try it free in exchange for a review courtesy of Influenster! 

The package came with a blemish control toner, an acne treatment gel, a clarifying cleansing gel, and an oil-free moisturizer for acne-prone skin! I was super excited to try out these products because I could feel a break out coming right as I got these in the mail.

I used the acne treatment gel first at night, right on the spot where I felt my break out coming. I have to say that it really did help stop the break out! the bump I was feeling went down almost over night! The following day I used the cleanser and my skin felt very refreshed and clean. I used the toner to help prevent new blemishes, and I used the moisturizer in the morning. The next day my chin was extremely dry and irritated. I was bothered at first but then realized my skin probably just didn't like the over-load of product!

I have been using this system for about a month now and I do not use all of the products at the same time. I don't even use the system every day. I use the treatment gel on one or two specific blemishes when they are bothering me, and the cleanser once a week to keep my skin feeling clean and protected. I use the moisturizer as needed, and the toner right before my time of month creeps up on me. I have noticed that my skin is looking more refreshed, acne-free, and clean! 

I highly recommend trying out Mary Kay's Clear Proof Acne System!

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