One Direction Make Up Review

One Direction is one of the most popular bands today. They have released quite a few hit songs, have toured around the world, and even had their very own movie! People of all ages love them- from young kids to college students.

Recently One Direction has released a make up line.  The band members have been seen working on it. (Click here to see a picture of Liam working on the line and here to see Niall too!)

I was extremely excited to get the chance to try out the make up tins! They have 5 tins- one for each band member. Each tin has the exact same make up. (I personally wish it would have been varied.) The make up is definitely high quality. I have used it multiple times and the eye shadows lasted me all day. The nail polish doesn't chip easily, the eye liner works great, and I'm obsessed with the lip gloss! My favorite eye shadow color is "Tell Me A Lie" because it is a very natural shade. 

With the holidays fast approaching this is a great gift for any girl who loves the band- no matter how old they are! I know that I will be buying some for my roommate from college who is obsessed with One Direction. The tins are a fun collector's item for fans of one of the biggest bands in the world!

They came out in stores in November. You can buy the tins at Kmart, Target, Sears USA, and Walmart Canada.

Here is the description of the brand from the brand:

A range of makeup and cosmetic products celebrating youth, style, and the uninhibited lifestyle of a new generation. Celebrating life with bold shades, unique formulae and infused with limited edition collectable packaging, Makeup from One Direction is fun, bold, often irreverent, with a touch of cheeky mischievousness. Offered at prices that every girl and woman can afford!

Personally I loved this make up collection and I am not even a huge fan of the band! Imagine the face on someone who is obsessed with the band receiving this kit as a holiday gift! I highly recommend you buy this for a 1D fan, whether that fan is a friend or yourself! 

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