Ozeri 3x Tower Fan Review

I got this beautiful fan a while ago to review. Like I said yesterday, I took a personal break from blogging, but I have been excited to tell you guys about this fan! Let me start off by saying I need a fan on to sleep. I like the sound, like many people, but I also get extremely warm in my sleep. I do like to sleep with blankets on though, so I need my room to be chilly when it is time for bed. So naturally I keep my fan on at night.

Before this fan I had a typical circle fan that rotates. It works great, my only complaint is that when I turn up the speed it gets really loud. I was pretty happy with my regular fan. 

That was before I tried this Ozeri fan. This fan has a bunch of different modes and none of them are loud. The fan has three little fans and the tower can rotate (swing) or stay stationary. When I am asleep I keep it stationary towards my bed, but throughout the day I would let it swing. 

When I first turned it on I played with all of the buttons. The first button I played with adjusted the speed of the fan. There are three speeds. I switched between the three and felt a noticeable difference between them. My favorite part though is that the fan didn't get much louder on the higher speeds. 

Then I played around with the modes. The fan has three modes: normal, nature, and sleep. The normal mode keeps the fan working at a continuos pace. It doesn't change speeds. The nature mode cycles between the different speeds at intervals of five seconds. This  leaves a natural feeling breeze in the room. The third mode is sleep mode. In sleep mode the fan will eventually work its way to a low setting nature mode to conserve energy and sound while an individual is sleeping. I think these modes are what really sets this Ozeri fan apart from other fans. 

In addition to all of that there is a shift function. This shift function allows you to change between the three different fans! Each fan can be at a different setting- which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Overall I think this fan is great. I think that it has really great features and a wonderful look to it! It is more money than I would typically spend on a fan, but for all of the features I think that it is priced fairly! It also comes with a one year warranty in case something were to happen to the fan! Check it out on amazon

I got this product free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I will only recommend products to my readers if I do believe they are great products. 

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  1. I agree. This tower fan is much quieter compared with the other brands. Plus, I especially like the touch-sensitive control panel. It's very convenient.