The Ms. Collection Clothing Subscription Review

I love clothes. Anyone who knows me knows that clothing is my life. I have over 90 dresses, tons of tops, and tons of jeans. I just love to change up outfits, accessorize, and try new things. That is why I love clothing subscription boxes. It is so fun to get new clothes that someone else picked out for you!

The most recent box that I have tried is the Ms. Collection Subscription Box. This box allows the customer to rent clothing and accessories from a certain collection. The box comes monthly, and if you love something you can buy it for up to 40% off the retail price! You simply fill out a style profile, they send out a package, you choose to just rent or buy the clothing and then ship whatever you don't want to keep back to the company!

They have three collections to choose from: Ms. Play ($39 a month), Ms. Business ($45 a month), and Ms. Details ($25 a month.) I love that this company gives you options to choose from because everyone is a little different. Some women need clothes for work while others need some just for fun!

I got a box a while ago and have been so busy and crazy that I have taken a bit to post about it. :( But I really wanted to because I think it is such a cool subscription box that a lot of you would love!

They even have a Mr. Collection too!

My box came with three tops and one beautiful necklace. The tops were great quality and fit me pretty well. My favorite top is the brown and beige one with the stripes. They gray one was a little plain for me, but could be a lot of fun with bright accessories! I am obsessed with the necklace and if I had some extra money I would totally purchase it.

The only down part I found was that there is no paper in the box that lets the customer know how much each item would cost. I think that would be super convenient and helpful for the consumer. Other than that though I think everything is great!

Overall I think this subscription box is a lot of fun. I think most women love to try new clothes, and it is so cool that you can rent them and then send them back! It is a very convenient way to try new things without taking up room in your closet!

Check out their website for more info!

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find promo codes for Ms collection