Treat A Dog Review

Nala is my best friend. She is always in the mood to snuggle! She loves to play with toys and she is fun to take out for a ride or a walk. The weird thing about my Nala though is that she is a picky eater. She is very particular about her food and her treats, so I am always looking for new treats that she will love. 

A fun way to do that is through dog subscription boxes. I have tried Reggie Box in the past and Nala was a big fan. Most recently we have tried the Treat A Dog box. It came with a couple of toys, lots of snacks, and a cool grooming wipe pack! Nala loved it!

When I first opened the box Nala sniffed around a lot. Then she grabbed one specific snack and took off. She went so fast I didn't even have time to take a picture of the snack- I just grabbed the wrapper and let her have it. It was a bully stick (Nala's favorite!) by Red Barn Naturals. Nala finished it pretty quickly and was content for quite a while.

Nala also really loved the Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Liver Munchies. These snacks are gluten free and grain free! The turkey was raised in the USA without antibiotics or added hormones! I love to know that my doggie is having healthy snacks. I thought it was pretty cool that these treats could be for cats too! (Although Nala would not want to share if we had a cat.) These were her favorite snacks in the box and I will definitely be purchasing them again!

The next snack in the box was Wingalings Kitchen bites. Again this snack is grain free and gluten free. It is made with real chicken and apples! I think it is fun to have treats that are made up of different things. Nala has not tried these yet, she turns her head away when I give them to her but I think it is because she knows I have the Turkey Munchies too and she is holding out for those! Like I said earlier, my dog is picky!

On a side note she is sitting on my arm as I type this post!

The box came with two other snacks, The Curnchy Bully Burger and the Lil Links Sausages. Both sets of snacks are healthy, but Nala hasn't tried them. As a person though I think that most dogs would like them. The Lil Links are made of real ducks and apples. There are no artificial colors or flavors either! I love this subscription box because it provides healthy safe treats for my best friend to try out. And if she doesn't like them I know plenty of other doggies who would love to give them a try!

The box also came with two toys, a Bumpskins toy which is super cute and different, and a long ear tuggeez. I love both of them and so does Nala! Nala plays with toys when a human comes over. She runs to her toy basket pulls one out an parades around the house with it. She then will play fetch if someone throws the toy for her. Both of these toys have been used for this odd ritual and Nala is very happy with them.

The last thing this box had was grooming wipes! These wipes are natural and easy to use! They are much better than a big chaotic bath! 

Overall Nala and I loved the Treat A Dog box! We think it was a fun way to try out new snacks and new toys! Treat A Dog has three different subscription plan options, one month, three month, or six month! The one month at at a time subscription costs just $28 a month. I think this is a good price considering all of the wonderful items the box includes! Check out their website for more information!

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. My cat is picky, like your pup! I can relate to the struggle sometimes with trying out new products.

  2. Well this box seems like a great value. I can't believe how much it comes with!

  3. This is great, we don't have a dog, but my daughter does at her home. My grandson's best buddy.

  4. Nala is a cutie. Great Review.