Axiology Lipstick

I have a new obsession with lipstick. I am starting to build up quite a collection. I typically don't go with bright bold colors because I fear I can't pull them off. However I love natural colors and pinks! One problem that I often find though with lipstick is that it can make my lips look very dry. I often put a lipgloss on over my lipstick but that wears off quickly and can sometimes get the lipstick on my lipgloss which bothers me a lot. 

Recently I got the opportunity to try Axiology's Natural Vegan Lipstick! Axiology is a store on Etsy and they sell lipsticks in many different colors. What I love most about their product is that it is made with no hidden chemicals and no preservatives. I found that with this lipstick there was no need to cover it with gloss. 

I chose the Pale Pink lipstick (also known as The Goodness) and found that it looked great with my skin tone, lasted all day, and actually left my lips feeling moisturized instead of dry!

Another important thing about this brand is that it is cruelty free. Nothing is more heartbreaking than a beauty company that tests on innocent animals who should not be wearing beauty products! I love that they don't test on animals and believe that many companies that do need to stop. 

Usually I am hesitant about makeup on Etsy because it is homemade and can go either really bad or really great. Axiology exceeded all of my expectations. The packaging was cute, the lipstick was the exact same shade as the photo, and it did exactly what the website said it would! 

This lipstick costs $23 but it is definitely worth every penny. There are some lipsticks made by high-end beauty salon companies that cost double Axiology's price and are filled with harsh chemicals that can really impact the health of your lips. Axiology charges less than these high-end brands and delivers a product that is of higher quality. 

I highly recommend this lipstick to all lipstick lovers! Once I get a job I will probably buy their lipstick in other colors since I love it so much! 

I got this product free for an honest review through Tomoson. 

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