KISS InstaWave Hair Curler

I usually wear my hair straight because it is easy and I think that it is a more casual every-day look. Sometimes though, I like to mix it up and wear my hair wavy or curly! When I go to more formal events like a wedding or a school dance I prefer to curl my hair. One thing makes that really hard for me- I am curling iron challenged. No matter how many times I try to use my mom's hair curler I just can never get curls the way I want them. (Sometimes I can't get curls at all!)

But now, thanks to the KISS InstaWave Curling Iron, I can not only get curls, but I can also get waves! This curling iron turns on its own with just the press of a button. It turns both to the right and to the left. I learned recently that when curling your hair you should do some pieces to the right and some to the left so this feature is extremely handy!  

Another thing that I love about it is that it is tangle free. When I first opened the package and examined the product I worried that my hair would get caught in the rotating device but it doesn't. My hair never got caught or tangled when I used it. Usually when I use a regular curling iron I tangle and knot my hair. That is one reason that I always refused to curl my own hair. Now I don't have to worry about that! 

I also have always struggled holding a typical curling iron at a good angle. I always burned myself or got only parts of my hair and not all of it. I looked like a mess. The KISS InstaWave can be held at any angle, with any hand and work perfectly! This makes it easy to get the pieces of hair at the back of your head as well as the hair on the side of your non-dominant hand. 

One thing that my mom worries about a lot with my sister and me is the safety of hair tools. There have been a few occasions where either my sister or I leave our hair tools on and that can cause a fire or burn one of our pets if they go near it when we aren't around. I really love that the KISS InstaWave automatically turns off after 90 minutes. This makes it a safe product to keep in your home if you happen to be forgetful like me or my sister. On this same note, I always worry that these heating tools could burn or damage my hair. This curling iron has two heating settings with a low or high switch and a maximum temperature of 420! It is nice to have a low option and the option to change the temperature to protect my hair!

In order to use the Kiss InstaWave curling iron you simply hold the iron vertically. You then place a section of the hair on the curling rod and press either the right or the left curling button. The hair will automatically catch and start curling. If you want tight curls you hold your hair for 5 - 10 seconds. If you want loose beach waves you can hold it for less. I love that you can get multiple looks with just one product! After you hold it you simply pull the hair curler down vertically to let go of the hair! You will instantly have beautiful curls or waves!

I really love this product and highly recommend it to people who are curling iron challenged like myself. Even if you have mastered the regular curling iron, this product is a good buy because it takes a lot less time to get the curls that you desire. 

This product is available at Target and Ulta

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