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I love my hair. It is one of my favorite things about myself. I am really lucky and have naturally thick and healthy hair. Not too long ago I chopped off about 10 inches of it and got a new style that is really flattering and fun. I straighten my hair pretty much every day. I worry about using the heat on my hair because I have heard a lot of horror stories about hair becoming dry, brittle, and damaged from straighteners and other styling tools. I use a protecting serum but I am always looking for new products to try to keep my hair as healthy as it can possibly be.

When I got the opportunity to try Pura D'or Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner I couldn't have been more excited. I have heard a ton about Argan Oil recently and how it can really make a huge difference in hair health. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I found that my hair is shiny, healthy, and looks a lot better after I style it. 

I got to try the Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo. I am only 21, so hair loss is not a worry for me. However, it keeps my hair looking full, thick, and healthy. This shampoo is made organically without Paraben, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and gluten! It also contains vitamins to support hair growth- great for people with thin hair! The bottle costs $24.99 currently and it is really a great deal. There is a ton of product in the bottle and I know it will last me forever. I also really like that the bottle is a pump instead of the typical shampoo bottles. When typical shampoo starts to run low it is always such a struggle to get it out of the container but I think that wont be a problem with this packaging! 

The Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner is one of my favorite conditioners of all time! I'm obsessed with the Vanilla Lavender scent. Every time I use it I take in the smell and am just in awe of how great it is. The conditioner manages frizz, helps make hair shiny, and has 99% vegetable based ingredients! I put it in and let it sit in my hair for a few minutes and then rinse it out. I have noticed a huge change in the texture of my hair. It seems to be a lot softer and a lot shinier since using this conditioner. I highly recommend this conditioner to anyone! This too is on sale currently for $24.99 and it is definitely worth a buy! 

I also got a bottle of Pure Organic Argan Oil. This can be used on skin and nails. It stimulates skin cells to help reduce scaring and stretch marks. It also can strengthen nails that are brittle or peeling. It can also help relieve eczema and psoriasis! This bottle is also $24.99. I don't have any problems with my skin so personally I would not need this bottle, but if you have a skin condition or scarring that you want to fix then this would be a great buy for you! 

Since using these products I have been getting compliments on my hair from friends, family, and my boyfriend! I really love them and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new shampoo or conditioner. Even if you aren't looking you should give them a try! They are great! 
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