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A while back when I first started this blog I got the chance to try out and review an awesome jewelry subscription called RocksBox. RocksBox is the Netflix of jewelry! Each box comes with a few pieces of beautiful jewelry that you can wear for as long as you want. If you fall in love with a piece you have the option of buying it, otherwise you send your box back and await a new one! I really love their subscription because it is an affordable way to mix up your accessories! As a college student I have a very small budget for accessories and with RocksBox I get to have new ones whenever I want for only $19 a month! 

You start out by filling out a style survey and then a stylist picks three items to send you. Once you get your box you can rate each piece of jewelry to help your stylist pick out items that are perfect for you in the next box! A new feature of RocksBox is Shine Spend. Each month RocksBox gives you $10 of shine spend towards any jewelry that you loved in your box! Who doesn't love a free $10?

My most recent box was filled with jewelry that I really love. The first item that I instantly became obsessed with was a pair of beautiful Kendra Scott earrings in rose quartz. This shade of pink is one of my favorites for spring time and I have a ton of outfits that would go great with these earrings. If I wanted to buy these earrings it would cost me $68. (But if I used my Shine Spend it would be $58!) I am highly considering buying these earrings and if I had a steady job I definitely would get them. I am still up in the air though- what do you think I should do?

The second item that I fell in love with is a Trina Turk mosaic collar necklace! This necklace goes with anything! When I wore it to school the other day I got a ton of compliments on it. Fun necklaces like this are extremely in right now and I am always looking for new ones! If I were to buy this from RocksBox it would cost $78, without the Shine Spend. This is a good deal because typically this necklace costs $98! I can't afford it right now, but if I could I would definitely be getting this staple piece!

The third item in my box was a Gorjana long necklace. I like this necklace a lot but I have had something similar in a RocksBox before so it wasn't overly exciting for me like the other two pieces were. Dainty gold jewelry is always very popular and works with a lot of different outfits. If I were to buy this necklace it would cost me $76 without the Shine Spend. 

Although the jewelry itself is on the pricey side, the subscription is not. I love having the subscription because it is a cheap way to have a large jewelry collection. You can trade in your box as many times as you want throughout the month to maximize your membership

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