Yalmeh Foundation Brush

When I first started using foundation a few years ago I always used my hands to apply it. Then recently I learned that there are foundation brushes out there - who knew? I have been using one that I got in a kit of brushes, it is flat and works fine. I never went looking for a new foundation brush because I figured they all were the exact same and that they would all be just fine.

However, I got the opportunity to test out a foundation brush from Yalmeh. The description online says that it is made cruelty free, with high quality materials, and doesn't shed. I was a little skeptical because I believed it would be exactly like the brush I had been using.

Boy was I wrong!

What really sets this brush apart for me is that it is rounded and not flat. This made applying my foundation much easier. It helped me get an even amount of foundation all over every centimeter of my face! I used it with liquid foundation and found that the bristles don't stick together like my old brush did and it stays soft and fluffy! (Although it is turning the color of my foundation... I should probably wash it today!)

The company says that this brush can be used for bronzer, foundation, liquid foundation, and blush! I use it simply for foundation because I like to have specific brushes for each product I use. (That may be a little OCD of me but I don't want my products mixing on brushes.) But the great thing about the versatility of this brush is that if I want to switch from liquid to powder I can use this same brush! 

Similar to the lipstick I posted about previously, this brush is made cruelty free which is really important to me. I love all animals and would hate to see any of them harmed just so I could have a good beauty product!

This brush is currently on sale at Amazon for a discounted price! Go buy yours now- you wont regret it!
I got this product free in exchange for an honest review. 

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