About Me!

 "I don't got no sob story to write. Just like everyone else I'm living this life." ~ Kate Voegele

Hello! :)

I grew up in Massachusetts and still currently live in my hometown. Growing up I heard people saying that they couldn't wait to get out of here- to move to bigger and better things, but I think that a quiet hometown with family and great memories is a great place to stay. And for now, I don't plan on moving too far away.

I am a very fortunate person. I grew up in a great home, with supportive parents, surrounded by loving family, and great friends. Overall my life has been extremely wonderful- but there have been some small bumps along the way.

Of course there were the typical elementary school bullies, but they didn't last forever. Most of my bumps happened in high school. Which makes sense. At that age we are trying to find ourselves, define ourselves, and discover what we want. I found myself to be quiet, self-conscious, and very scared of the future. My freshman year of high school I found myself in my first relationship. For two years it was a pretty decent one. However it took a turn for the worse and for the next two years a lot went on that I chose to ignore. I'm not going to go into detail because the details don't matter. I think that everyone has a relationship or two in their young lives that help them learn what they want in life. And that is exactly what happened. I learned a lot during those four years of high school. I learned that I want to be a teacher, that I want to impact the world, and that even I do deserve someone kind and sweet.

After high school I enrolled at Framingham State University and that is where I really found myself. I had decided that I wanted to be a different person in college. I wanted to succeed academically of course, but also socially.

And that is exactly what I did.

I made a lot of really close friends at school. I think that making these friends is probably my biggest achievement at Framingham. I was so scared to leave the people I had known my whole life to venture off to this brand new school. I was very unsure of myself. But it didn't take long to find people who really liked me for me, not just because I had known them since the third grade like my friends back home. I joined clubs, became a tour guide, and a peer mentor. Over time some of these college friends and I grew apart, which is normal. But I got very close with quite a few of them and I know that they will be my friends for the rest of my life.

 In addition to the social achievements I also succeeded academically. I am a member of the Kappa Delta Pi honor society, Vice President currently. I have been on Dean's List every single semester. And I have received 2 scholarships from my school! This is a huge thing for me because in high school I was a very average student but I have been able to challenge and better myself at Framingham.
 I still have one year left at Framingham and I am very excited to be student teaching in the fall! I will be working with third graders in a beautiful new school. I am extremely nervous but very excited.

On April 14, 2013 I met my current boyfriend Nick. Over the past year he has become my very best friend and words can't express how lucky I feel to have him in my life. I am sure I will mention him in some of my posts in the future!

Well that is me in a nutshell! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!


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